Hot water system in Perth Features


Hot water heating is our best friend a majority of the time…but when you turn that hot water tap and the flow remains cold, or if your hot water heater starts to leak or possibly bursts – then you curse your hot water heater as your worst enemy.

Utilizing solar power is an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly way of heating your hot water. Although they can sometimes be expensive to install they will save you money in the long run and many governments will offer exceptional rebates when you are converting from a less energy efficient model.

A solar powered water heater is made up of solar panels along with a water storage tank. There are two types available; a split or pumped system is set up with the solar panels on the roof and the storage tank located on the ground. A Thermostatic or close-coupled system is installed with both the panels and the storage tank mounted on the roof. The solar panels collect energy from the sun’s rays and transfer this into the tank, heating the water inside. The storage tank can be equipped with a gas or electric solar powered booster which will act as an alternate power source, so you will always have hot water come rain, hail or shine.

Another extremely energy efficient and Eco-friendly hot water heating system is a heat pump. A heat pump does not require the sun to heat the water as a solar powered system would, instead heat pumps draw energy from the ambient outside air, extract the heat and transfer it to a storage tank heating the water inside. This advanced technology works much the same as a refrigerator or a reverse cycle air conditioner but in reverse. This system is especially effective if you wish to ‘go green’ but are unable to install solar panels on your roof. Heat pumps are classed in the same category as solar powered systems in regards to the generous government rebates available.
Natural gas hot water heaters will also reduce your carbon footprint and save you money compared to an electric unit, they will also provide you with a continuous strong flow of instantaneous hot water.